Christian Education Ministry

BoardofChristianEdTeam Leaders
Pastor Jerry Bryant,
Dea. Johnny Nelson,
Min. Kellie Fair

Sunday School
Dea. Aaron Green, Superintendent,
Dea. Charles Fullilove, Assist. Superintendent

Evangelism Coordinator: Rhonda Gardner
Asst Evangelism Coordinator: Millicent Daughtry

Children’s Church Team Lead: Maya Mitchell
New Members Class: Pastor Jerry Bryant, Min Kellie Fair
Vacation Bible School: Jacqueline Canton, Min. Kellie Fair, Melba Moses

The Christian Education Ministry at the Chantilly Baptist Church provides general oversight and direction for the total educational program of the church. Also, the Board provides guidance and assistance to other official boards, auxiliaries, and other organizational components of the church in developing and conducting Christian Educational programs and activities. The Board is composed of the Pastor, Sunday School Superintendent, who are ex-officio members, and elected Co-Chairpersons and representatives from various organizational units from across the Church, including a member at large from the general congregation.

To carry out its functional mandates, the Christian Education Ministry uses various methods and procedures to (1) identify the training needs of the church, including consultation with the Pastor, deacons, deaconesses, auxiliary heads, and general congregational surveys; (2) develop or assist in the development and implementation of specific Christian educational programs and activities to meet the training needs of the church; and (3) evaluate training results in order to refine and improve future training initiatives.

Over the years, the Christian Education Ministry has worked to conduct, sponsor, or encourage member participation in such Christian educational programs and activities as:

•  Weekly Bible Study Sessions
•  Vacation Bible School
•  Christian Educational Workshops covering such topics as “Ministry Through Relationships,” “Evangelism – In Preparation and In Practice,” “Handling Your Finances God’s Way,” and “Determining My Values for Life – Focus on Youths.”
•  Church-Wide Christian Educational Retreat
•  Local, area, and State Christian Education Conventions and Seminars
•  Church Leadership Institutes and Conferences

The Christian Education Ministry is committed to continuing its work under the direction of the Holy Spirit to edify and build up the body of Christ at Chantilly Baptist Church for Christian service to the Chantilly community and to the uttermost parts of the world.

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