NEM Evengelism Classes

(Classes are free to everyone!)

Evangelism 101 —  Introduction to Evangelism
Book: “Disciples Are Made Not Born” by Walter A. Henrichesen

This course is designed to introduce the individual believer to Evangelism and the soul-winning process as set forth in scripture and mandated by the Lord   Jesus Christ; to prepare the student for further involvement in learning the art of witnessing.

Evangelism 102 — Preparation for On-the-Job Training 
Book: “What Christians Believe” suggested by Emmanus Bible School

This class is designed for the exploration, comprehension, and memorization of the seed plot scriptures. Also, to help the student to better understand the Biblical Plan of Salvation.

Evangelism 103 — On-the-Job Training 
Book: “Conversational Evangelism” by David Geisler & Norman Geisler

This course is designed to cover the Gospel Plan in conversational format and the administrative process within the overall Evangelism Movement.

Evangelism 104 — Evangelism Practicum 
Book: “I Hate Witnessing” by Dick Innes

This course is designed to develop a working basis for perfecting the art of witnessing. Focus is upon skill building.

Evangelism 105 — Responding to False Doctrine 
Book: “The Kingdom of The Cults” by Ravi Zacharias

This class is an exploration of some of the current misconceptions and teachings of false doctrines.

Evangelism 106A — Methods and Techniques of Evangelism
Book: “How to Be A People Helper” by Gary R. Collins

This class is designed to equip the individual Christian witness to become more effective as a helping person in ministering to the spiritual, psychological, and temporal needs witnessing to the local congregation of the Church. It is also to train each participant to become more helpful in the art of making and keeping the church body as healthy and active as possible in the service of God.

Evangelism 106B — An Approach to Evangelism Through Counseling 
Book: “The Winning Attitude” by John C. Maxwell

An exploration and analysis in counseling methods and techniques as they relate to the Gospel Plan and Christian counseling.

Evangelism 106C — Group Counseling 
Book: “God’s Power to Help Hurting People” by Colleen Birchett

This course is designed to utilize group counseling for self-awareness and development of interpersonal skills. The student will understand how self-awareness is affected and will become an effective group facilitator.

(Classes are 10 weeks each and taken in order, beginning with 101)
Rev. Dr. Jerry L. Bryant, Pastor
14312 Chantilly Baptist Lane
P.O. Box 220175, Chantilly, VA 20153
Contact: Sis. Rhonda Garner, Evangelism Coordinator
Renew your mind and equip yourself for the ministry of evangelism!
Be faithful to the Great Commission!
Bethany Bible College – Los Angeles, CA
Executive Director – Pastor Sylvester Washington
Book: “God’s Power to Help Hurting People” by Colleen Birchett

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